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Scale-selective dissipation in energy-conserving finite-element schemes for two-dimensional turbulence
A. Natale and C.J. Cotter
Volume 143, Issue 705

Shear dispersion in the turbulent atmospheric boundary layer
J.G. Esler and H.M. Ramli
Volume 143, Issue 705

The potential value of early (1939–1967) upper-air data in atmospheric climate reanalysis
H. Hersbach, S. Bronnimann, L. Haimberger, M. Mayer, L. Villiger, J. Comeaux, A. Simmons, D. Dee, S. Jourdain, C. Peubey, P. Poli, N. Rayner, A.M. Sterin, A. Stickler, M.A. Valente and S.J. Worley
Volume 143, Issue 704

Use of the Gibbs thermodynamic potential to express the equation of state in atmospheric models
J. Thuburn
Volume 143, Issue 704

A reassessment of temperature variations and trends from global reanalyses and monthly surface climatological datasets
A.J. Simmons, P. Berrisford, D.P. Dee, H. Hersbach, S. Hirahara and J.-N. Thepaut
Volume 143, Issue 702

Large-eddy simulations over Germany using ICON: a comprehensive evaluation
R. Heinze, A. Dipankar, C.C. Henken, C. Moseley, O. Sourdeval, S. Tromel, X. Xie, P. Adamidis, F. Ament, H. Baars, C. Barthlott, A. Behrendt, U. Blahak, S. Bley, S. Brdar, M. Brueck, S. Crewell, H. Deneke, P. Di Girolamo, R. Evaristo, J. Fischer, C. Frank, P. Friederichs, T. Gocke, K. Gorges, L. Hande, M. Hanke, A. Hansen, H-C. Hege, C. Hoose, T. Jahns, N. Kalthoff, D. Klocke, S. Kneifel, P. Knippertz, A. Kuhn, T. van Laar, A. Macke, V. Maurer, B. Mayer, C.I. Meyer, S.K. Muppa, R.A.J. Neggers, E. Orlandi, F. Pantillon, B. Pospichal, N. Rober, L. Scheck, A. Seifert, P. Seifert, F. Senf, P. Siligam, C. Simmer, S. Steinke, B. Stevens, K. Wapler, M. Weniger, V. Wulfmeyer, G. Zangl, D. Zhang and J. Quaas
Volume 143, Issue 702

On upstream blocking over heated mountain ridges
D.J. Kirschbaum
Volume 143, Issue 702

Ertel potential vorticity versus Bernoulli streamfunction on Mars
T.E. Dowling, M.E. Bradley, J. Du, S.R. Lewis and P.L. Read
Volume 143, Issue 702

The amplitude of lee waves on the boundary-layer inversion
J. Sachsperger, S. Serafin, V. Grubisic, I. Stiperski and A. Paci
Volume 143, Issue 702

Structure of a shear-line polar low
D.E. Sergeev, I.A. Renfrew, T. Spengler and S.R. Dorling
Volume 143, Issue 702

Tropical rainfall, Rossby waves and regional winter climate predictions
A.A. Scaife, R.E. Comer, N.J. Dunstone, J.R. Knight, D.M. Smith, C. MacLachlan, N. Martin, K. Andrew Peterson, D. Rowlands, E.B. Carroll, S. Belcher and J. Slingo
Volume 143, Issue 702


Assessing spatial precipitation uncertainties in a convective-scale ensemble
S. Dey, R. Plant, N. Roberts and S. Migliorini
Volume 142, Issue 701

Improvement of the forecast of convective activity from the AROME-France system
P. Brousseau, Y. Seity, D. Ricard and J. Leger
Volume 142, Issue 699

Temperature auto-correlation and spectra functions in low-wind meandering conditions
L. Mortarini, S. Maldaner, L.P. Moor, M.B. Stefanello, O. Acevedo, G. Degrazia and D. Anfossi
Volume 142, Issue 698

Regime dependence of cloud condensate variability observed at the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Sites
M. Ahlgrimm and R.M. Forbes
Volume 142, Issue 697

Spatial and temporal distribution of hailstorms in the Alpine region: a long-term, high resolution, radar-based analysis
L. Nisi, O. Martius, A. Hering, M. Kunz and U. Germann
Volume 142, Issue 697

The role of the southern African easterly jet in modifying the southeast Atlantic aerosol and cloud environments
A.A. Adebiyi and P. Zuidema
Volume 142, Issue 697

Maintaining atmospheric mass and water balance in reanalyses
L.L. Takacs, M.J. Suarez and R. Todling
Volume 142, Issue 697

Dynamics of rotor formation in uniformly stratified two-dimensional flow over a mountain
J. Sachsperger, S. Serafin and V. Grubisic
Volume 142, Issue 696

Contrasting structures between the decoupled and coupled states of the stable boundary layer
O.C. Acevedo, L. Mahrt, F.S. Puhales, F.D. Costa, L.E. Medeiros and G.A. Degrazia
Volume 142, Issue 695

Validation of eight atmospheric reanalyses in the Antarctic Peninsula region
T. Nygard, T. Vihma, G. Birnbaum, J. Hartmann, J. King, T. Lachlan-Cope, R. Ladkin, C. Lupkes and A. Weiss
Volume 142, Issue 695

Self-aggregation of convection in long channel geometry
A.A. Wing and T.W. Cronin
Volume 142, Issue 694

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