A Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society

Aims and Scope

The aims of the journal are to communicate and to document the results of new research in the atmospheric sciences and associated fields. The Quarterly Journal is acknowledged as one of the world’s leading meteorological publications.

Contributions may take the form of Articles, or Notes and Correspondence. Comprehensive review articles, short articles describing minor investigations, or comments on published papers are also considered. The journal is published eight times a year with additional special issues.


The QJ has a broad readership of scientists in the atmospheric and associated fields.


Meteorology, Atmospheric science, Applied meteorology, Physical oceanography, Forecasting, Climatology, Oceanography, Geophysical fluid dynamics, Planetary atmospheres, Climate modelling, Climate prediction, Climate change, Ocean and climate models, Hydrometeorology, Atmospheric composition, Air quality, Cloud physics, Boundary Layer, Troposphere, Stratosphere, General circulation, Field observations, Satellite observations, Numerical weather prediction, Data assimilation, Atmosphere ocean dynamics, Land atmosphere interaction, Dynamical meteorology, Ocean atmosphere systems

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